Born in 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, USA


Kelly Beeman has garnered recognition for her distinctive oeuvre characterized by a fusion of visual storytelling and fashion aesthetics. Despite never formally studying art, Beeman embarked on her artistic journey at a young age, sketching and painting scenes that initially served as imaginative play with her siblings. Her upbringing in Oklahoma City instilled in her a profound longing for exploration and adventure, eventually leading her to relocate to New York in 2004. During this period, her practice was marked by spontaneity and emotional catharsis, reflected in her loose and expressive style. Following her completion of a sociology degree at Hunter College, Beeman embarked on a transformative period of living abroad, notably in Bolivia and Argentina. This geographical detachment from her homeland precipitated a significant shift in her creative approach, propelling her towards figurative compositions that recounted personal narratives, from her memories of New York to her formative years. Her artistic evolution also witnessed a distinct emphasis on the portrayal of character and mood through elaborate and often carefully crafted clothing designs, attracting attention from the fashion industry and establishing her as an illustrator of note.

Her compositions often feature attire predominantly of Beeman’s own conception or adapted from vintage styles, which, while continuing to serve as a vehicle for character delineation, also reflect a departure from extravagant designer fashion. Beyond clothing, her works increasingly bring into focus the dynamics between figures and their immediate physical surroundings, offering a nuanced exploration of interpersonal relationships and environmental context. Beeman's creative process is outlined by meticulous planning and refinement, resulting in visually captivating and harmonious subject matters that elicit both pleasure and suspicion, as they convey idealized, static depictions of youth and beauty, akin to the seductive nymphs and sirens depicted in Pre-Raphaelite paintings, seemingly immune to the imperfections and discomforts of reality.

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BA in Sociology, Hunter College, New York

solo shows

Perrotin, New York, NY, USA

Serenade, Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Wish, Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea

group shows

High Voltage Two, Nassima Landau, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020, Thierry Goldberg, New York, NY, USA

A Scratch in Time, Thierry Goldberg, New York, NY, USA

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