This fall, Perrotin and Atlas V team up to offer a new VR experience in Paris Marais. Deep dive into a new dimension, into immersive and unlimited perspectives ! PERROTIN VR – Narrative Experience by Atlas V offers to the public a unique opportunity to discover a new form of art where psychological and physical dimensions overlap.

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The sessions start on October 19, with 4 productions at the crossroads between art and real time technologies. Reservation can be made since July on this platform. First the grand-premiere of Battlescar, a unique production narrated by Rosario Dawson in English and Jehnny Beth in French, exploring the secret worlds of the Lower East Side in the 70’s.
In addition to Battlescar is the three-part trilogy Gloomy Eyes narrated by Colin Farrell and Tahar Rahim, that won the Prix Cristal at the Annecy Film Festival in 2019.
Next is Spheres, an interactive film deep in the heart of the cosmos.
And lastly, the touching and eye-opening piece Notes on Blindness where storytelling, art direction and graphical universe form a unique and singular immersion.

PERROTIN VR – Narrative Experience by Atlas V aims to dedicate a specific venue to Virtual Reality, a technology which offers great possibilities in creating cultural experiences and immersive journeys.
This project is an extension of Perrotin’s continued efforts to remain creatively connected and continue to be inspired. It enhances the vast possibilities of an increasingly digital world and an art world in constant motion.
Atlas V, a leader in producing immersive contents, is spearheading this event dedicated to narrative cultural content with Perrotin. Deeply engaged in a community of creative technologists, Atlas V works to identify and foster independent artists who are innovating the art and form of storytelling.