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January 7, 2017 - February 18, 2017



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1 692 people attended the opening.
15 034 people attended the exhibition.
The exhibition was open for 327 days.
Daily average 46 visitors per day including opening, 41 per day excluding opening.

Turning to Stone' by Dieter Roelstraete. Having known Pieter Vermeersch for some twenty years now, and having followed his work’s development for just as long, I only now, upon seeing the works assembled in this very exhibition, have truly come to appreciate the geological dimension of his painterly practice and imagery—why he likes stones more than trees, say, or why he prefers the desert to the forest. (My personal animosity, if one can call it that, towards the idea of the desert and the ideologies of abstinence and restraint it has spawned, goes some way towards explaining why I, a traveling companion of Vermeersch’ for close to half of my life now, have always retained a measure of distance towards his work—an interested observer looking in, rather than a true inhabitant of its world.) […]