solo show

September 7 - October 7, 2017


76 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France

artist info

1 402 people attended the opening.
11 630 people attended the exhibition.
The exhibition was open for 23 days.
Daily average 506 visitors per day including opening, 465 per day excluding opening.

An essential component without being literally represented in it, the landscape occupies Klara Kristalova’s mental and physical universe, without being a theme in and of itself. It is inferred in fragments from the drawings, ceramics and bronzes that populate the dark and mysterious exhibitions she has unveiled in recent years. She prefers evocation, the sensation of the landscape, to its literal representation. Selected from new productions created specially for this exhibition, the pieces first inhabited her immediate surroundings, before being installed in Paris. Her studio is located in the Swedish countryside, in the forest by a lake, North of the Stockholm region. The scenography designed with the expertise of florist Thierry Boutemy is not a faithful reconstitution, but rather an evocation of this pregnant environment that infuses Kristalova’s imagination.