Jean-Michel OTHONIEL

solo show

November 5, 2019 - February 22, 2020


3/F, 27 Hu Qiu Road, Huangpu District

artist info

1 162 people attended the opening.
7 287 people attended the exhibition.
The exhibition was open for 41 days.
Daily average 178 visitors per day including opening, 153 per day excluding opening.

Perrotin Shanghai presents a solo exhibition of new works by Jean-Michel Othoniel, marking his first exhibition in Shanghai. Using his signature module of geometric elements, such as bricks or beads, Othoniel creates significant glass sculptures that range from small-scale to monumental. For this exhibition, he will present a new series of suspended necklace sculptures alongside one new work in his brick series, titled Precious Stonewall. Taken together, these signature works provide an introduction of Othoniel’s artistic practice to Shanghai.