Born in 1986 in Limeira, Brazil
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil


Zéh Palito's practice seeks to promote a relationship of mutual respect and pleasure between humans and the natural world, often drawing inspiration from Brazilian and African cultures. The artist works across very different scales, from ambitious site-specific murals to small-scale figurative works on canvas. In parallel with his commitment to the environment, elevating, inspiring and celebrating marginalised communities and underrepresented voices is a fundamental element of his practice - an implicit suggestion that the two issues go hand in hand.
Palito's vibrant murals present fantastical landscapes where humans, animals and plant-life coexist in dynamic harmony. Wide-open skies collide with flat geometric planes of colour, whilst big cats and tropical birds move through a world of vibrant foliage, houseplants and oversized fruits. Palito, choosing to represent those of Black and Indigenous heritage, depicts his figures in sync with their surroundings. Through dramatic shifts in scale and a highly saturated use of colour, the artist proposes a wonderous utopic vision for the future.
Whilst Zéh Palito adopts a similar visual vocabulary across his practice, the artist's most recent works on canvas focus on individuals with a greater intimacy of perspective. 
Zéh Palito is a storyteller and cultural observer who provides insight into contemporary African diasporic life. Adorned with gold and other jewels, shells, exotic fruits, and flowers, the figures in his paintings become the centre of attention and the protagonists of their own stories. Each figure is positioned in a stance of power that illustrates a positive self-identity and pays homage to a rich cultural heritage. Combined with the use of bright colours, each figure demonstrates confidence, satisfaction, and self-assurance through their mere existence. 
Despite making quite colorful paintings that evoke joy, they put forth pertinent political aspects and also speak of trauma, and of sorrow among minority groups, which can lead us to having these conversations about it.

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- Graduated of Graphic Design, FAAL- Faculdade de Administracao e Artes de Limeira
- Certificated in Fine Art EMCEA, Escola Municipal de Cultura e Artes
- Certificated in Development Studies at Humana People to People, United States and Zambia

solo shows

-Between the world and me- Museum of Contemporary Art of Queretaro - México

- Won't You Celebrate With Me, curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah, Luce Gallery, New York, USA 

- Eu sei porque o pássaro canta na gaiola, Galeria Simões de Assis, São Paulo, Brazil

- Untouchable Negritude, Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy

- Tropical Diaspora, Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Baltimore, USA 

- Utopia Tropical, Galerie La Cartonnerie, Paris, France 

- Utopia Tropical, Galeria Quintal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- We Saw The Future, Gallery Idrawalot, Berlin, Germany

- Mystical Dreams, AGIT Gallery, Busan, South Korea

- Peace Love and Unicorns, FB Gallery, New York, USA

- Devaneio, Galeria Moto, Santiago, Chile

group shows

- Kindred Worlds-The Priscila and Alvin Hudgins Collection, Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, USA
- The Culture, Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, USA
- The Day I Saw You, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Querétaro, Querétaro, México
- 少女的收藏101 - X PINK 101, X Museum, Beijing, China 
- The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, USA 
- Vai Saudade - Heitor dos Prazeres & Zéh Palito, Galeria Simões de Assis, Curitiba, Brazil
- The Speed of Grace, Galeria Simões de Assis, São Paulo, Brazil

- When We See Us, Museum Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town, South Africa 
- Quilombo: vida, problemas e aspirações do negro, Museum Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brazil
- Regarde-Moi, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France
- Encruzilhada, MAM - Museum of Modern Art, Salvador, Brazil
- Winner Takes All, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA
- Color of the Times, Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, South Korea 

- Redefining the Trend- Histories in the Making, Christie's London, UK
- Life In Flowers, Luce Gallery, Turin, Italy

- Vidas Negras do Brasil, Museum Afro Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
- Black Voices, Ross Sutton Gallery, New York, USA

- ArteCore, MAM - Museum of Modern Art , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Cosmic Boys, Brazil Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon

- Brown Don't Drown, Frost Gallery, New York, USA

- Multiplo Incomum, Galeria A7MA, São Paulo, Brazil
- Atemporal, Galeria Graphos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- 2°Mostra Graffiti Street Art, MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art, Americana, Brazil
- Bajo el Concreto, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
- COMPOSTO, Galeria Verve, São Paulo, Brazil

- CINCO, Galeria Sebastião Orlando da Silva, Limeira, Brazil

- M.C.1 - Movimentos Convergentes, O.F. Carlos Gomes, Limeira, Brazil
- 1*Mostra Graffiti e Street Art, Galeria Vitória, Limeira, Brazil

- FRESH PRODUCE, Anno Domini Gallery, California, USA
- Unbenannte Frauen, Galerie KLOT, Berlin, Germany
- Pop up, Brooklynite Gallery + FB Gallery, New York, USA
- Amarillo Oniríco, Galeria Bella Artes, Cáceres, Spain

- O Moderno e o Contemporâneo, Centro Cultural Palacety Levy, Limeira, Brazil

public collections

- Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, USA
- Rennie Museum, Vancouver, Canada
- ICA Miami - Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, USA
- X Museum 美术馆, Beijing, China
- Museum Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brazil
- The Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Rizhao, China
- Fundación AMMA, Mexico City, Mexico

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