Born in 1959 in Nanterre, France
Lives and works between Paris, France and New York, New York, USA

Jean-Philippe DELHOMME

Jean-Philippe Delhomme started his career as an illustrator. He has been painting for many years, but kept this side of his work private until his first exhibition in New York in 2015. He paints scenes devoid of any human presence, based on direct observation of the urban landscapes of the big city, whether New York, Paris, or Los Angeles. His way of looking at these cities bears witness to the coalescence of the past, present and future manifested in the architectural fabric of an environment in constant transformation. He is drawn to industrial sites, threatened with demolition, soon to make way for new residential buildings, and his 'vistas' are charged with literary and artistic references. Delhomme's landscapes are not just painted, but authored; the thread between his different forms of expression: drawing, writing and painting.


École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, Paris, France

solo shows

- Los Angeles Langage, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France

- Classe Ego, Galerie Martine Gossieaux, Paris, France

​- Die Sache mit der Literatur, Institut Français, Berlin, Germany
- Studio aux Formes Variables, Lucien Terras, New York, USA
- Christian Dior et le Sud, Galerie Martine Gossieaux, Paris, France

- Bushwick Landscape, Lucien Terras, New York, USA
- Chroniques Contemporaines, Galerie Martine Gossieaux, Paris

- From Late Modern to used cars, Wright, New York, USA

New York, Galerie Martel,  Paris, France

- The Unknown Hipster, Colette, Paris, France
- Dressed for Art, FIAF Gallery, New York, USA

- The Art Fair Is Present, Danziger Projects, New York, USA

- The Cultivated Life, Partners & Sapde, New York, USA

- Le Bon Marché, Paris, France

group shows

- To paint is to love again, Nino Mier, Los Angeles, USA

- Man in Progress, Museo del Traje, Madrid, Spain

- 100 Years of Fashion Illustration, Fashion Illustration Gallery, London, UK

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - A Paris journal

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - A Paris journal

Monograph & artist book

$41.76 Excluded VAT

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - Classe Ego

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - Classe Ego

Monograph & artist book

$30.17 Excluded VAT

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - Artist's instagrams

Jean-Philippe Delhomme - Artist's instagrams

Monograph & artist book

$31.32 Excluded VAT

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