Born in 1985 in Seoul, South Korea
Lives and works in New York, USA


Park’s paintings may be realized in the “naive” style that recalls painters like Henri Rousseau, but her subject matter is far from it. Often depicting romantic scenes where the idyll has turned sour, the sexual acts that seem to be transpiring in her paintings are at odds with their quaint settings, where art history’s favorite still life subjects—rotund fruit, cheeses, and bottles, appear on the verge of rolling off the surface of the table: so pitched is the surface, so hyper-stylized is her take on forced perspective. And yet, space doesn’t seem to recede in Park’s paintings. It’s cancelled out by the kind of flatness only a laboring love of texture and pattern can produce. Space comes to a halt as Park revels in woodgrain and brocade. Any indication of space comes courtesy of some framed element that seems to replicate the scene, albeit with some slight modification like a game of “Spot the Difference.” A window? A mirror? Another painting? Park revels in these ambiguities as well.


2015 MFA, Painting, Hunter College, New York, NY
2012 BFA, Painting, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

solo shows

- Betrayal (Sweet Blood), Perrotin, New York, NY (forthcoming)

- We Used to Be Fish, Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea

- Every Day Was Yesterday, Taymour Grahne, London, UK

- Kissing in the Tree, Motel, Brooklyn, NY

- Butt on Face, Pioneer Works, 2nd Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- No No Means Yes Yes, Marginal Utility Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

group shows

- Richard Heller Gallery, curated by Coady Brown, Santa Monica, CA (forthcoming)

- Projet Pangèe, Montreal, Canada (forthcoming)
- Animal Kingdom, Alexander Berggruen Gallery, New York, NY
- Art on the Grid, Public Art Fund, New York, NY

- Drinking the Reflection, curated by Elizabeth Malaska, Russo Lee, Portland, OR
- No Patience For Monuments, Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea

- Hot Farce, Field Projects Gallery, New York, NY Cat Lady, Teen Party, Brooklyn, NY
- Bathers, Bass & Reiner, San Francisco, CA
- Cheeky: Summer Butts, Marinaro Gallery, NY
- Picnic, Calico Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- How to Draw The Human Figure, Agency, Brooklyn, NY
- Laurel,, Brooklyn, NY
- Lintel, Mantel, Module, Shelf, LaMaMa Galleria, New York, NY

- Internal Affairs, Two person show with Doron Langberg, Ess Ef Eff, Brooklyn, NY
- Sexuality, NAM Project, Milan, Italy
- Intimisms, James Cohan Gallery, New York, NY PDF
- NSFW | Male Nudes by Female Painters, Outlet Brooklyn, NY


- Shandaken: Stormking Artist-in-Residency

- Recipient of Dedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowships in Painting
- C12 Emerging Artist: Special Recognition
- The Cooper Union: Summer Artist-in-Residence

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    Ocula — 16 PAGES

  • August 2020
    Elephant — 7 PAGES

  • May 2020
    Whitewall — 5 PAGES

  • February 2020
    Metal Magazine — 10 PAGES

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    Art in Culture — 2 PAGES