Born in 1987 in El Prat, Barcelona, Spain
Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA

Cristina BANBAN


2010 BFA, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

solo shows

- Melancolìa, Perrotin, Shanghai, China (forthcoming)
- Del Llanto,1969 Gallery, New York, USA
Del Llanto, Albertz Benda Gallery, New York, USA

- Changelings, curated by Casey Studyo, Woaw Gallery, Hong Kong
Tigre y Paloma, 1969 Gallery, New York, USA

I’ve Got Nothing to Lose, 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany

My Dear Demons, the Dot Project, London, UK

Richer House, Miscelanea, Barcelona, Spain
- A Spoonful of Charcoal, Stour Space, London, UK

- Pounds for Bread, Unit G Gallery, London, UK

group shows

- Summer Sun, The Journal Gallery at Van de Weghe, East Hampton, USA
This is America, Hamburg Kunsthalle, Germany

- Miami is a Beach, 1969 Gallery, New York, USA
- Hybrids, curated by Daniel Sundin, Nico Meckelnburg & Nils Muller, CFHLL, Stockholm, Sweden
- Monster/Beauty: An Exploration of the Female/Femme Gaze, curated by Marcelle Joseph, Lychee One Gallery, London, UK
- Body in Motion/Travelling Bodies, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
- Black & White vs. Color, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
- Auguries of Innocence, Fredericks & Fresier, New York, USA

- Give it to Me Good, 1969 Gallery, New York, USA
- Paper View, The Hole, New York, USA
- The Hort Family Collections, New York, USA

- Extra, The Hole, New York, USA
- Specially Normal, with Audun Alvestad, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK
- Forms, Cob Gallery, London, UK

- Griffin Art Prize, Griffin Gallery, London, UK
- Candy, The Dot Project, London, UK
- Inside Out, curated by Gavin Turk and directed by Anna Maloney, Here East, London, UK
- Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017, Royal Academy of the Arts, London, UK
- Creekside Open 2017, selected by Jordan Baseman, A.P.T. Gallery, London, UK


- Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy

- 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany
- 1969 Gallery, New York, NY

- The Arts Club Prise, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

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