Born in 1994 in London, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom


Oli Epp’s paintings circulate a number of themes to do with the tragicomic element of living in the 21st century society, dealing with the complexity of identity and anxieties living in the digital age; consumerism and consumption which leads to control and addiction, anxiety and conflict. The paintings work in an endlessly cyclical way of Epp ironically questioning idealisms and our pursuit of perfection and the conflict that arises as a result. The overall aesthetic of Epp’s paintings conveys the digital world; mimicking the screen, toying with the physicality of surface. 

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2014-17 : BA Fine Art, City & Guilds of London Art School
2013-14 : Foundation Diploma, City & Guilds of London Art School

solo shows

Perrotin Gallery, New-York ( upcoming )

Carl Kostyàl, London 

Semiose, Paris 
Perrotin Gallery, New York 

Big Game, Richard Heller, Los Angeles
Stockholm Syndrome, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm (two person show)
Souvenir, Division Gallery, Montreal, Canada (two person show)

Black Swan, Semiose, Paris

Oxymoron, Carl Kostyál, London
Contactless, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles
Karma, DUVE Gallery, Berlin (two person show)

Epiphanies, Semiose, Paris

Degree Show, City & Guilds Art School of London

group shows

Real Fake Door, curated by Oli Epp,
Arsenal Contemporary, New-York ( upcoming )

Friend Zone, Half Gallery, New York
36 Paintings, Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY
Stockholm Sessions, Carl Kostyál, Stockholm
The Artist is Online, Painting and Sculpture in the Postdigital
Age, König Galerie, Berlin Galerie Division, Montreal, Canada
Friends & Friends of Friends, curated by Oli Epp,
Schlossmuseum Linz, Austria

Karma, DUVE Gallery, Berlin
Malmö Sessions, Carl Kostyál, Malmö, Sweden
Link in Bio, cur. Anika Meier, Museum der bildenden Künste
Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Out of Place, Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship Show Morley Gallery,
London Emerging artists : An Edit, 45 Park Lane, London
Distilled De Stjil, TW Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia

Griffin Art Prize Exhibition, London
The window was open though the door was shut with the
window left open, cur. Lily Brooke & Elaine Tam, 3 Ada Road,
We Are The Ones, cur. Galina Munroe, Jordy Kerwick & Simon
Carlsberg Byens Gallery, Copenhagen
City & Guilds of London Art School Degree Show, London
Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2017, London

1st & 2nd Year Interim Show, Diorama Studios, London
Exquisite Corpse, Hidden Door, Edinburgh, UK

Liminal, Ragged School Museum, London

public collections

Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Hall Art Foundation, Reading, USA
Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection, West Palm Beach, USA V&A
Museum's Permanent Print Collection, London, UK Ruth
Borchard Next Generation Collection, UK
Thyssen collection, Madrid