Born in Los Angeles, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, USA


Nick Doyle is keenly aware of the legacy of the American notion of Manifest Destiny. Known best for sculptural wall works made from collaged denim, Doyle infiltrates the vocabulary of Americana to examine greed, excess, and toxic masculinity. Doyle uses the road trip—a pillar of American mythology—as a point of entry to his work in order to question the persistence of Rugged Individualism as the fabric of our national identity. Through a series of mechanical miniatures, theatrical scenery, and satirical prop-like denim works, the artist foregrounds the dangers of nostalgia and our evolving relationship to consumerism. Seemingly innocuous, Doyle’s imagery—vending machine, typewriter, cigarette pack—and materials—indigo and cotton—tell a story of American colonialism and consumerism, as well as explore the influence of media on global trade systems. By employing materials that hold cultural significance, the artist both reflects on and critiques social and political agendas that are often at play in contemporary life and visual culture. 

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2014 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 
2013 MFA, Sculpture, Hunter College 
2005 BFA, Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco Art Institute

solo shows

- American Blues, Perrotin, Tokyo, Japan 

- Gentle Giants, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 
- Old Roads and Broken Records, curated by Joey Yates, KMAC Contemporary Art Museum, Louisville, KY 

- Yes Daddy, Perrotin, New York, NY
- Farmers and Reapers, Reyes | Finn, Detroit, MI 
- Ruin, Perrotin, Paris, France 

- Everything Is Fine, Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea
- Amber Waves of Grain, Pace Prints, New York, NY

- Nowhere, Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
- Paved Paradise, Reyes | Finn, Detroit, MI

- No Vacancy, 56 Henry, New York, NY
- The Great Escape, Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

- Soft Arrest, Mrs. Gallery, Queens, New York, NY


group shows

- Higher Than The Sun 2, Volery Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Real Fake Door, Arsenal Contemporary, New York, NY 
White Holes: The Mysteries and Modern Perceptions of Oracle Bone Script, 798 CUBE Art Museum, Beijing, China
The Fantasticals, DIMIN, New York, NY 

- Anniversary, Mrs. Gallery, New York, NY
- The Interior, Venus Over Manhattan, New York, NY
- The Shoo Sho, curated by Julie Curtiss, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, NY
- REFLECTIONS: Human/ Nature, curated by Matt Black, Gana Art Sounds, Seoul, South Korea

- Friends and Friends of Friends, Schlossmuseum, Linz, Austria
- The Secret History of Everything, Perrotin, New York, NY
- Every Day Is Sunday, UTA Artist Space, Los Angeles, CA
- Art Mile Detroit, Reyes Finn, Detroit, MI

- No Patience for Monuments, Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea

- 10 Years / 100 Sculptures, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
- Inside Out, Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
- Material, Cobb Gallery, London, UK
- Tick Tock: Time in Contemporary Art, Lehman College, The Bronx, NY
- Landing, Sisters of the Presentation, New York, NY
- Victory Over the Sun, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY
- Face Shifts, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
- Conspiracies Are Things, curated by Xavier Acarin, Abrons Art Center, New York, NY

- Scarlet Street, Lucien Terras, New York, NY
- Happiness and Other Forms of Self Delusion, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY
- Re: art show, Phaiser Building, Brooklyn, NY
- Rock’n’Roll Nightmare, 41 Cooper Gallery, New York, NY 
- Love 2016, Leroy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University, New York, NY

- Le Cercle, Le Cap, Arles, France
- Made In New York, Blueshift Project, Miami, FL

- Happyland, Skowhegan Performs, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY 

public collections

The Bunker Artspace, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Marquez Art Projects, Miami, FL, USA


2014-2017 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace Program
2014-2015 Visiting Scholar with the Steinhardt School of Education, Culture and Human Resources, Department of Art and Art Professions, NYU
2013 C12 Emerging Artist Fellowship

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"Old Roads and Broken Records" at KMAC Contemporary Art Museum

"Old Roads and Broken Records" at KMAC...