L'Amour de l'Art : Susumu Kamijo ♡ Sayaka Murata



Born in Nagano, Japan, Susumu Kamijo has lived and worked in New York for more than 20 years. Influenced by Francis Bacon and Willem de Kooning, his paintings of poodles quickly attracted significant attention. In his work, the poodle becomes a clever device, a motif reminding us that Kamijo’s subject is first and foremost painting itself. In a playfully meditative style, his work continues to develop in a way that surprises, provokes, and transforms our ways of seeing. In this episode, Susumu talks about Japanese writer Sayaka Murata, one of contemporary Japanese literature’s most striking prose stylists. In The Love of Art podcast, artists are invited to speak about other artists that fascinate them (musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, designers…) in a very personal way.


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